Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Writing Wednesdays

Wow..where has this week gone? A lot of things are going on behind the scenes at Grief Sanctuary. I have just finished a set of Grief Affirmations Cards. They are simple phrases...and intended to facilitate a healing journey. I have received very positive feedback from the preview copies. I am looking forward to designing the art work for the cards and get them sent off to a publisher. Stay posted for more information.

Since it is Wednesday...that means a new journal prompt. This weeks journal prompt is as follows....

What is your loved one's Legacy? What and how do you want them to be remembered? What are the special things/deeds they accomplished that has made you proud? What were their positive influences? Please feel free to leave comments about the Legacy of your loved ones.

I feel everyone has left a Legacy....whether is was a newborn baby/miscarriage/stillborn......or an elderly adult. Their Legacy allows us connections...and a way to honor their life.

Wishing you Peace, Comfort and HOPE.

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