Sunday, June 21, 2009

Honoring Our Fathers on Father's Day

The holidays can be anything but cheerful when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. This can be especially difficult on holidays such as Father's Day. Holidays stir up a lot of memories, traditions, family gatherings, etc. Therefore, it is common for someone to feel a heightened level of grief on a holiday. As well as feelings of anxiousness while you are anticipating the holiday's arrival.

Please keep in mind that everyone grieves differently. Sometimes you have to try many different things to find something that is helpful for your grieving process. So, how can you manage to get through difficult holidays such as Father's Day without your Father? My first suggestion is to MAKE A PLAN to do something on the holiday. Even though you probably don't feel like doing anything. However, when you are actively grieving, a plan to something is often better than a plan to do nothing. A plan to do nothing can sometimes increase feelings of being alone. As well as feed feelings of depression. So, it is important to make a plan to do something with supportive family, friends, church members, etc.

Below is a list of ideas of things you may want to try to honor your Father. Remember to invite supportive friends and family members to join you.

1) Plant a tree in his honor.

2) Write your Father a letter. Tell him anything in the letter. You can even mention how you miss him and what you are doing to cope with his loss. When finished with the letter you can shred it, bury it, or CAREFULLY burn it.

3) Make a donation to his favorite charity.

4) Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers in his honor.

5) Start a creative writing journal in his honor. For example, you could dedicate a whole journal to your Father and "write letters to him" in the journal.

6) Plant some flowers in your Father's honor.

7) Get together with family and friends that to reminisce about your Father.

8) Start a Memory Box in honor of your Father. Just use a simple box and start collecting special mementos that were your Father's or remind you of your Father. Keep the box in a special place.

9) Start a Memorial Garden. This can be as simple as a wind chime placed in the corner of your yard dedicated to your Father. Or, it can be more formal and include flowers, shrubbery and a bench.

10) Plan a get away with family and friends. Take a mini-vacation for the weekend.

This is a short list of ideas. There are many things you could do to honor your Father on Father's Day. Just keep in mind, the Holiday will last for only one day. As always, if you are feeling fragile seek professional help.

Wishing you comfort and peace on this Father's Day.

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  1. I've arrived at your blog through Nina Bagley's Ornamental blog. I love the suggestions in this entry. My father passed years ago, and I still miss him every day, but especially holidays. Thank you for your compassion.